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Muscle Sport Productions was established in 2011 from the combined efforts of Steve O’Brien and George Jackson.


Steve O’Brien, is currently NPC National Vice President, Northern California District Chairman, National Judge, IFBB Pro League Judge, former Gym owner and competitive bodybuilder. Steve’s first bodybuilding production was the Contra Costa championships established in 1984.


George Jackson brings a level of experience unmatched, having a long career as a CPA and a Gold’s and World Gym owner since 1984. Presently George is also the co-owner and co-founder of, The Gym, T/G in Vista and San Diego. 


The longtime friends and former partners as Gym owners collaborated their knowledge and experience to form one of the country’s top production enterprises. 


The Muscle Sport Productions team bring a staff of former competitors that gives our team the experience of having “been there and done that” which brings a level understanding for all the sacrifice and commitment necessary, and to provide a positive experience for each of our competitors. 


It’s our mission to produce events that help build a positive experience, to gain the trust from each of our competitors, always prioritizing the athletes, thus building a foundation of support for the Sport of Bodybuilding. 

We want to encourage all to come join the Muscle Sport Productions and the National Physique Committee experience, and join those many competitors who have gone on to compete at the  National level to win their own IFBB Pro League Cards.

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