Photos by Ralph Dehaan

Joshua Bennett
Novice Physique D
Open Physique E
Mens Physique Overall
Maribel Torres
Open Bikini D
Open Bikini Overall
Valeri Iliev
Open Physique D
Geraldine Chavira
Open Bikini F
Cornelius Thompson
Novice Physique C
Ashley Grenal
Novice Bikini A
Open Bikini A
Rafael Oliveira
Open Physique C
Christine Yang
Masters Bikini 35 Over
Open Bikini C
Ricci Maynard
Novice Physique B
Nicole Wann
True Novice Bikini A
True Novice Bikini Overall
Jason Bi
Open Physique B
Anthony Licuando
Novice Physique A
Yvette Patellar
Novice Bikini D
Robert Bell
True Novice Physique B
Eugenia Xie
Novice Bikini B
Nicholas Alexander
Masters Physique 35B
Nicole Adamo
Masters Bikini 35C
Todd Mayfield
Masters Physique 45
Jennifer DeSerp
Novice Bikini E
Oliva Tucker
Novice Bikini C
Jessica Kelley
Novice Bikini F
Jekaterina Embay
True Novice Bikini B
Janet Smaller
Masters Bikini 45B
Masters Bikini Overall
Rico Rivas
Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding
Masters Mens Bodybuilding 40 & Over
Open Bodybuilding Overall
Moises Vera
Open Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight
Hui Sefton
Masters Figure 45 & Over
Rob Rubeshaw
Novice Bodybuilding Overall
Masters Bodybuilding 50 & Over
Katrina Harger
Open Figure B
Makoto Goto
Open Bodybuilding Lightweight
Oscar Ramirez
Novice Bodybuilding Lightweight
Dana McDaniel Cancel
Womens Physique A
Brandon Steely
Classic Physique B
Danny Mainis
Classic Physique C
Raymond Bodestyne
Classic Physique A
Clifton Mbanugo
Masters Classic Physique
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Brandon Steely

Classic Physique B